Tide called an eBook


It is a natural case that I read the literature that is electron data for us who are using HP200LX (Palmtop PC) . However, for many persons it was the unknown thing of entirely. However, the deed that can read an eBook (electronic book) in any case this time is holding such expectation that would become general, as a natural deed has come to obtain regular recognition generally for we who the communication by an e-mail is able to take in any case by the appearance of a pocket board and Palm.

eBook be something

The eBook (electronic book) is the book of an electronic as the name in a word. It is not explanation to that extent.
It says that until now paper to was printed that the manuscript of the book becomes electron data and come to be able to read the book with a personal computer and electronicic notebook.
It has come to can with variety that it was impossible in the condition where it was printed to paper until now by becoming electron data.

Merit of an eBook

Out of print disappears

It sometimes says that an out of print disappears to 1 of the merit of the eBook that most of the persons are common and say. It is because it is said that deed itself called the out of print stops having a meaning, as a result that this was released from the physical restriction called paper.
The project that this out of print made the most of the merit that disappears is beginning to put it also in the field of paper.

Transformation easy

It is that the one that was printed to paper until now is offered with electron data to call with an eBook. I think that the biggest merit of electron data is that application is easy.
I was blowing the contents of a book to tape etc. whether or not the social welfare activities become a center and strike the Braille point, in the case that the person whose eye is not seen until now tried to know. However, the function that the personal computer reads out the sentence of electron data by the progress of technology has been refined mostly. The eye is nonexistent a time lag almost even the person without being seen namely, and also have come to be able to know the contents of a book without bothering the hands of other persons. Also, I can propose it by using a Braille point printer, once the data of the Braille point able to make it as electron data and think that many persons of long distance can touch the information than 1 each person strikes it.

Project of an eBook

Novel on web

The person who writes a novel from the old days was the general trend very. It is although even I who scratch and say am the 1 person. However, there was not much place etc. that announce in an individual. However, by the diffusion of the Internet, especially World Wide Web page the place of the announcement of the novel of an individual spread by leaps and bounds.
At present, the numerous novels are announced in the web page of the Internet. Even the searching engine and popularity vote system of an it exclusive use are existing a plural.

Open eBook

It is the one that "Open eBook Authoring Group concomitantly" used HTML and XML with the standard for the eBook preparation that summarized as "Open eBook Publishing Structure 1.0" on September 21, 1999.

The idea that was proposed by Microsoft in October, 1998 originally. The draft plan was announced in May, 1999.
The offers of the texts corresponding to the various display size are expected from a desktop to PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) by this.

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